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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Favorite 11 Songs of 2009

Disclaimer: No repeat of artists were allowed when making this list.


*1. Say Whats Real - Drake Pretty much a theme song for me this year.

"Why do I feel so alone
Like everybody passing through the studio
Is in character as if we acting out a movie role"

Bonus Fear

Double Bonus Forever Travis Barker Remix


2. I Wish I knew Natalie Portman - KO-Sft.Saukrates & Nelly Furtado In the 25th hour KO-S comes with a hot sample of "California" by Phantom Planet and a produces a hit that should not be ignored!

"Play them like ebaneeza
I made them see the ghost"

Wondering the meaning of the title? answer


3. Stay Wide Awake - Eminem 3rd most played song on my i-tunes with 50 (plays).

"Soon as my flow starts, I compose art like the ghost of Mozart"

Bonus The Cypherft Mos Def & Blackthought

Double bonus 3 A.M. Travis Barker Remix


4. Fearsome - Andrew Lewis I feel as if I am insulting the song by placing it as low as 4th. He kills Drake's"Fear" instrumental.

"Can't relate to ya'll thats why I am my favorite artist"

Bonus Fear Instrumental


5. Us - Brother AliPeople need to stop sleeping on the Brother (Ali)! He has been dropping some of the best verses out of anyone in the game lately.

"Blind in the eyes so I see you with my heart"

Bonus The Truthft. Freeway

Double BonusThe Truth Instrumental

6. Y.O.U. - Asher Roth ft Slick Rick. One of the best collabs of the year!

"It conveying who we all are, how we all fit in this mosaic portrait" Slick Rick

Bonus Rik Smits

DOUBLE Bonus How Many Bars Boyder bodies Ash?!


7. 100 Million - Chamillionaire

"Aunt Jemima plus vagina, you a sweet pussy"


8. Rap Saviors - K.Sparks & Angelous

"Twisted like a demon with an angel having phone sex" Sparks

BonusGod's Love


9. Fly Away - Wale

"Like a paraplegee (paraplegic) I don't know defeat (de-feet)"

kid cudi
10. Soundtrack to my Life - Kid Cudi

"I have 99 Problems and they are all b*****s"


11. Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z Jay doesn't crack the top 10 wtf dude?! Yeah not big on BP3. (too commercial)

"I made the yankee hat more famous than a yankee can"

You have a top 11 songs list and want them posted? Holla at me!

*Originally released before 2009



    i dont really agree with ur list but those were sum really good lines from theyre songs.

  2. Well it is a My Favorite List and not a best of 2009 list.



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