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Monday, March 29, 2010

Trey Songz Book

If you’ve made it here today, it’s obviously because you’re a big lover of everything that involves Hip Hop. Music gives us soul, allows us to manifest ourselves in ways we never thought were possible and reminds us that we are not alone in our life experiences. Every now and then though, someone comes along and breaks things down in their music that makes us reflect a little longer than every other artist. But what if this musical genius is not a Hip Hop artist? Should he be ignored by the masses because he does not fit the prototypical mold of what Hip Hop is?

This past Sunday, I tweeted that Usher was probably leading the league in R&B hits; but that Trey Songz wasn’t too far behind. Songz is one of my favorite artists right now, but he is labeled as an R&B type singer. Don’t let that fool you though; Trey Songz is one of the most fascinating artists in the music industry today(because of his music and not because al the women want to sleep with him). Right now, he is like a Johnny Depp type. Indeed, Depp keeps us off balance with his movie roles; constantly switching up his style and playing a different part. Whether it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Blow, Alice in Wonderland or Public Enemies, Depp gives you something in every movie that amazes you. Trey Songz does the exact same thing for me. He varies his song types, his delivery as well as the topics he discusses. Mind you, it’s easy to talk about music without backing things up with a solid playlist.

WE INTERRUPT THIS REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM TO GIVE YOU A HOOK UP! Pssssst! You on the other side of the screen…. YES YOU! Do yourself a favor and write down the song names that you are about to read and find a way to get a hold of these tracks by the necessary legal channels (*wink*). BACK TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM.

So here we go ladies and gents, let the hook up commence; these tracks are in heavy rotation on my ShynePhone (yeah I switched the name, deal with it).  On with the show:

Track name: Bedroom G
Length: 3:00
Breakdown: No one can break you off better than Trey can; that’s because he’s a Bedroom G.

Track name: D.O.A. (Death of Kellz on Jay-Z’s D.O.A. beat)
Length: 3:03
Breakdown: Trey Songz calls out R. Kelly and tells him that he needs to step his game up because he no longer brings it like he used. Songz lets Kellz know that he used to look up to him and his legendary status; but that he has since taken his place as quite possibly the new king of R&B.

Track name: Ego
Length: 3:34
Breakdown: Trigga Trey wants you to know he has a massive ego because he’s starting to reach the goals he has set for himself. Check out the hook:

“It’s too big,
It’s too wide
It’s too strong
It won’t fit
It’s too much
It’s to touch..
Talk like this cuz I can back it up”

Track name: Every Girl cover
Length: 2:34
Guest appearance: Lil’ Wayne
 Breakdown: Trey does a cover of Lil’Wayne’s Every Girl. He lets you know that he wishes he could have every girl in the world. Enjoy a quick Trey verse:

“I often fantasize
I could get all you in the ride
Get so much p*ssy,
I bet I can guess yo’ panty size”

Track name: Girlfriend Can Come too (Boyfriend #2 cover)
Length: 3:08
Breakdown: Songz is on the phone with one of his jump offs (jump off is your booty call, happy to help you with your urban slang) and one of her friends is having problems with her man. Trey explains to his jump off that she can bring her friend and that he’ll take care of both of them on this particular night. Here’s an excerpt of the hook:

“I know she feel bad and you wanna make her feel good
And if you really really wanna make her feel good,
You should let a player pardon the things we do,
And baby when we step in the room,
Your girlfriend gonna come too”

Track name: I Need A Girl
Length: 3:32
Breakdown: For all his talk about the all girls he can hit from city to city, Trey is at the point in which he needs a girl to share his life with.

Track name: Invented Sex
Length: 3:33
Guest Appearance: Drake
Breakdown: Track title is pretty self-explanatory right?

Track name: It Takes Time To Love
Length: 2:28
Breakdown: There are certain things in life that you just cannot rush; you have to wait for them to develop and fall into place. Love is one of those things. Check out the hook:

It takes time,
Living in a world
When you don’t know who to trust,
Next time,
Slow it down
And don’t feel you have to rush,
It’ll be fine
Cuz it takes time…… love”

Track name: Neighbors Know My Name
Length: 3:06
Breakdown: When Trey makes love to his woman, he makes sure to handle his business and keep her satisfied. Consequently, he is left with his woman screaming his name and the neighbors knocking at the door because of the noise.

Track name: She Ain’t My Girl
Length: 3:56
Breakdown: Mr. Songz has found the perfect woman to fulfill his needs. She is already in a committed relationship with another man, but she does everything that Trey likes and requires; none of the emotional attachment or love that women typically require from their partners. Quick line from the song:

“She said her man don’t be doing it right
So she hold me closely,
Then she fulfills my appetite”

Track name: Cheated
Breakdown: Trey talks to the ladies in this one. He completely understands how you feel when your man neglects you and treats you bad. He explains on the song how a certain lady treats him so dirty that she no longer deserves his love and will invariably lead him to cheating on her.

“Things you do
That make me want to cheat on  you
All I go through,
Make me want to cheat on you,
When you act a fool,
You make me want to cheat on you,
I know it ain’t cool,
But I’m gonna cheat on you”

Track name: I Can’ Help But Wait (Remix)
Length: 4:20
Guest appearance: Lil’ Wayne
Breakdown: Trey is talking to a lady that he’s been waiting on for quite some time.  She’s currently in a committed relationship with a man but Trey wants her to see all that he could offer her as opposed to her man that gives her nothing and treats her bad.

Track name: Obsessed (cover of Mariah Carey’s Obsessed)
Length: 2:38
Breakdown: If you just found out that your girl has been cheating on you with Trey, it’s in your best interest not to call him:

“Call my phone like,
Is you banging my girl? My girl? Oh ah
All I reply,
Playa you better check her,
Don’t want to disrespect ya
She never even mention your nameeeeee,
I don’t know why you mad at me,
You should ask your girl,
Gave her ass to me,
Stop harassing me,
Why you so obsessed with me?”

Please don’t hesitate to drop me some comments, questions or feedback. Would like to hear what others out there think of Songz.

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