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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Hip Hop Chamber Interview w/ Joey Tech

D. Welcome, Joey Tech. Please have a seat.
Seat has been taken.
D. Tell the readers who you are.
Well the name is JoeyTech. I'm just an artist out of Miami that's completely different from all the other artists that make it big out of here. I'm a Star Wars geek, a sneaker head, a hip hop junkie, and my thought process is always in space, I'm a down to Earth 17 year old kid looking for success. 

D.  Joey Tech...Interesting name. Why did you choose that stage name?
Well I kinda did what Lupe did and adopted the second part of my name from a friend. One of my boys I met through some hip hop forums named RapFiend, his actual name was "Danny Tek." So, with his permission of course, I took the Tek and changed the spelling to "Tech," and I became JoeyTech. 

D. Why did you start rapping?
Well, I've always loved music. Originally, I've always written poetry, but as time passed I actually started writing over beats and I made actual lyrics. 

D. Who is the biggest influence on your music?
My absolute biggest influence is Lupe Fiasco. I've been following him since his Revenge of the Nerds mixtape dropped. I just think that lyrically, no one else can touch him. His metaphors are always flying over heads, and that's something that I've always liked, thought provoking lyrics. Laws is another big influence, his swagger and delivery to me is so incredibly mean, and his lyrics never disappoint me. Also, canadian artists Shad and K-Os are influences. Along with KanYe, N*E*R*D, Black ThoughtOutkastJay-Z. The list can go on and on.  

D. Give me you favorite 50 Cent quotable. 
Honestly, I don't like 50 all that much. But my favorite quotable is from Hate It Or Love It by the Game where he goes:

"From the beginning to the end, Losers lose. Winners win. This is real we ain't gotta pretend."

D. What mixtape is currently rocking your I-Pod?
I have A LOT of mixtapes/albums on rotation right now. Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere, Big Seans' latest tape, Laws' 5:01 mixtape, Eminem's Recovery, The Roots'Game Theory, and this crew from here that everyone should check out, Geek Squads' Alternative Thinking mixtape. That's just some of what I'm listening to currently.

D. Your 'Hold You Down' [remix] had a comment that said "joey tech is a beast, straight up". How does it feel to recieve positive feedback on your work?
It feels really good. I honestly appreciate when people give me good feedback, or any type of feedback, good or bad. Just helps me realize what I'm doing right or wrong as an artist.
D. Can we expect a project from you anytime soon?
I'm actually working on a project called "Secrets." I wanna drop it around the end of Fall/ beginning of Winter. You can expect the first song from that dropping within the next week or so.

D. Where can we stay updated with your latest releases?
For updates just check these links:

Thanks for taking the time to speak with the @hiphopchamber. Hope to hear more from Joey Tech in the future!

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