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Thursday, August 26, 2010

JayLee Interview w/New Song

I had the pleasure of conducting an impromptu interview with JayLee before he drops his newest project.
Download the last leak before the tape drops here.

Drew- For people that have never heard your music how would you describe yourself?
JayLee- Honest, talented, and quality over quantity lol and humbled
Drew- Quality over quantity, something some major artists need to realize.

Drew- Listening to your music you seem to have a consistent sound or identity, if you will. This is something a lot of up and coming rappers and musicians lack. How is you found an identity/voice in your music?
 JayLee- When I first started recording I was working on my very first mixtape which was called "Lyrical Aggression" (and will never see the day of light lol). I was influenced by so many artist mainly 
Lupe Fiasco at the time. so i would show people my songs and they will say i sound like Lupe Fiasco or this artist and that. I didnt want to come out sounding like anyone but my self. So all of 2009 I barely released any music i was just focusing on my sound.

Drew- Describe the progress you went through to focus on your sound.
JayLee- I wouldn't really listen to any rap music. I would just listen to some neo-soul and alternative rock.

Drew- Intriguing. Have you ever used a song or the fact you rap to woo a lady friend?
JayLee- Yeah lol. I would really rap to them no kiddie shit and they would by like DAMN! you can really rap lol.

Drew- Kiddie shit ha oh Diggy. What inspires you to write?
JayLee- Man AMAZING BEATS, when people hit me up on facebook ,twitter and they say how much they love my music and that im very talented and when me and my team have dope ass inspirational conversations.Drew- Dope ass inspirational conversation are always the best!
JayLee- Yessir

 Drew- Who in is the currently killing it in the rap game?
JayLee- I wanna say drake but very soon i think wiz khalifa gonna have the game on lock
Drew- Funny you say that cause Drake has been so heavy in my rotation but recently it has been Wiz, Chiddy, Wale.

Drew- Wiz and Drake both incorporate singing into their raps. Nowadays I can't tell if I'm listening to singers or rappers. How do you feel about this new breed of rapper/singers?
JayLee- lol its nothing wrong with that UNLESS u can really sing. No auto tune, none of that voice enhancement shit. Like for example phonte from the hip hop group "Little Brother"; dude can rap his ass off and he can really sing. Thats cool.
Drew- So true (The Foreign Exchange). 

JayLee- Thats real talk

 Drew- Aight, for these next questions try to keep the answers to 1-3 words.
How old are you? 

Who is your favorite indie rapper?

Rochester,NY 585 UPSTATE!!!! lol
 Biggie or Pac?
Favorite producer?
 Kanye West
Best album out this year?
So far its Teflon Don, but when kanye drop his its OVER!

Drew- When are you planning to drop your mixtape?
JayLee-The release date is September 7th
Drew- UpstateOfMind eh?
JayLee- Yessir

Drew- What is the best way for artists/producers contact you for collabs? or hit me up on twitter @MrJordanLee
 Well, the interview has been a pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to talk @HipHopChamber. Any last words for the fans?
 JayLee- Yeah be on the look out for "UpstateOfMind" september 7th , tell a friend to tell a friend any questions just hit me up on twitter @MrJordanLee until next time peace!
 Echelon Republic UP!

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