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Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Interview w/ Producer B Shels

What up Shels? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

What's good. I'm B Shels, a Music Producer. I'm originally from Detroit, but I'm going to be attending college in Pittsburgh so I look forward to emerging myself in that music scene also.

How would you describe your sound?
My method of making beats consists of sampling. I started out composing beats, but once my cousin suggested I sample, I began to favor that way. My base sound has developed over years. Because of that I am able to cater to the artist I work with to work around their sound. 
Are you currently working on any projects?
As for projects I'm working on, I have several. Moving into Pittsburgh I got in contact with one artist and we are planning a joint mixtape. The sound for that one is basically laid back, chill music. I have another joint mixtape with an artist in Chicago. The sound for that will be a bit edgier. In Detroit I linked up with an artist and he already had a mixtape in the works so I might have only a few songs on that one but I will mainly be hosting it. I tend to like doing joint mixtapes with artist so that the overall project sounds uniform.
Who are your top 5 favorite producers?
I favor several producers for many different reasons such as their uniqueness, technique, drum patterns, etc. In no specific order my top 5 major producers include: Kanye WestThe Heatmakerz, Pharrel, Alchemist, and (not to sound conceded) B Shels. Someone always has to be a fan of themselves right?
Not to sound conceded...laughs..

Speaking of producers being conceded, what is your reaction to the whole Kanye West Taylor Swift ordeal?
I have always been a fan of Kanye, so when he caused that big scene with Taylor Swift, I basically had to do a double take because it was so surprising. That was uncalled for from all angles. The award show is a time to celebrate fellow industry members so for him to downplay a deserving winner I lost respect for him in terms of his character.

What are your thoughts on the Jay-z & Dr. Dre track that leaked named 'Under Pressure'? 
I'm not sure if this is the start of Detox, but I hope it isn't. The song sounds like Dr. Dre is trying to make a commercial song but didn't quite find the sound. The sound for this, to me, would have fit better about 5 years ago. I did however like the flow of their lyrics and the rhyme patterns though. I do think it was a preplanned leak because he has to keep his name relevant and tease listeners to keep the anticipation of Detox up. 
What is your favorite mixtape released this year?
It's a lot of recent mixtapes I have to catch up on, but the one I play the most as of now is Curren$y's Smokee Robinson. It still gets played today.

J.Cole or Drake: J. Cole
Eminem's Recovery: Comeback
Taco Bell: Cheap
Slant Rhymes: Huh?
East or West Coast Rap: East
Gulf Oil Spill: Solve
Biggie or Pac: Pac
Rhyme Books: Declining
B Shels: Great
Where can we hear your music? Beat-making videos uploaded at or visit to  hear a few instrumentals. 
Awesome, I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for taking the time for this interview, it's been a pleasure.

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