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Monday, November 2, 2009

Cay-Riss In The Red/Green EP


Best way to describe Cay-Riss is imagining Asher Roth rhyming over Kanye West soul beats. But he is not imitating Asher Paul Roth, Cay-Riss has a swag all his own. The main critique I have of Cay-Riss is I am a sucker for punch lines or quotables which are lacking in these songs.

Track Listing

1.Creation - It is alright
2. Frost - Awesome lyrics but could do without the autotune
3.What I Want I do - Really digg this song.

Bonus Track (My Favorite by the way) - Swole

Props toIllRoots for discovering Cay-Riss

If you can tell me who is sampled in Swole kudos!


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