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Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Interview with J.B.


Q.Let’s start off by you telling me a little bit about yourself.
A. a 17 year old bro who thinks Megan fox is Insanely HOT! Who likes to write raps and who finds it almost necessary to
Shake The System Up!

Q.What is the first album you ever purchased?

A. oo..tough one with all the "illegal" dloads these days but i'd have to say "The Eminem Show" or early nelly mixes i cooped from my the 5th grade ha ha

Q.When did you first start rhyming?

A. funny story 4th grade i was so bored and my class was learning poetry, so i went and bought a rhyme book [no i still don't use it] and wrote everything that rhymed and made a little piece which made no sense and sounded like a kindergartner on crack wrote it.. cause i didnt make sense it just sorta rhymed all over.

Q.Who is your biggest influence?

A. I would say I don't got one but a big mix of influences Eminem Jay-Z Tupac Nas A little Asher Roth and Lupe running around in there as well
If you could have been on one major album released this year what would it have been and what song?
Jay-z Blueprint 3- Already Home- that song just gets me pumped specially with cudi as the hook..lyrically its INSANE!

Q.In your opinion, who is the worst rapper in the game lyrically?

A. lil wang..WAYNE* i dont like him at all like real talk he just is nonesense and MOST of his songs have no meaning or anything
Name your five favorite artists
thats EASY!
Kid Cudi
as of right now but like obama it'll probably CHANGE ha
What are the top 10 songs on your I-pod currently?
Jay-z- Already Home
Kid Cudi-Heart of a Lion
Eminem- Stay Wide Awake
Jay-z-Young Forever
Asher Roth-Alone
Nas- One Mic
Tupac- Me Against The World
Eminem-Alchemist freestyle
LL Cool J- Rock The Bells
and my song- JB! Groove!

JB! Photo cred! J HAWKINS

Eminem- Stay Wide Awake,good song 4th most played song on my i-tunes. I could say a lot about his Relapse album but I'll let you do the talking. 

Q. What did you think of Relapse? I found it interesting it was the first Em album without mention of his ex-wife Kim what do you make of that?

A. I thought Relapse was an INSANE ha way to come back it shows eminem is still a beast in the game. I don't think he got to personal because its more of a story CD about just crazy stuff...I think Relapse 2 will be on a more personal level about stuff.

Ok, back to you.  Q.Have you released an album or mixtape? If not when are you planning to?

A. NAW i haven't..BUT i will have one out really soon called JB! "Rookie Season" since its my first one and all...hopefully i can be rookie of the year ha

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Q.What is your favorite verse you spit? Also favorite rap verse period?

A. ha i wrote this when i was 15! when i was listenin to tupac a lot

anxiety is catching up to me, like a mosquito
believe though, im diggin my shield, it'll be deep hole,
ill only leave a peep hole to see the people.
that im scared will flair and i wont be able to bare the " freakos"
it aint right or nifty, im only 15, wonderin if that'll be the last time they kiss me
look out my window and every night wishing, dishing out my feelings
but what the heck everyones deaf no ones listening
life, its teaching me theres no i in team
but there is in lIfe so its up to me, independently, fending to get the right thing,
im like a scavenger, feeding off knowledge worthy things
but no matter what i learn its not enough i need improvement
i knew it, with my hand i had a plan and i had drew it
but after awhile its like a pile of stress its like "screw it"
im like the bomb that just exploded and i i blew it
and the most hurtful part people predicted those results
and it just goes to show it was all my fault

and by far the best verse i've ever heard is probabaly eminem on forever...hes INSANE
or tupacs first verse on Nothin 2 Lose

Q. "Rookie Season" what kind of sound should we expect to hear?

A. It sounds like a teenager wrote it ha in the sense of emotions are everywhere...its like those try me to toys at the store i just give people a taste of what i have in me

Q. What’s your opinion on the current state of hip-hop?

hmm i would say hip hop is in the "rebuilding" stage for real i felt like music lost its flair and substance. Back in the 90's it was about the music and what was bein said..then for awhile it was about ringtones and who has the most color on there shoes ha ha..but with jay-z eminem and hopefully DRE all releasing albums its slowly. coming back oH and Kid Cudi he gives a new light for newer hip hop artists

Q. If Hip-hop were a fruit which one would it be and why? ha

A. LMFAO! an Apple cause if you dont keep it fresh things begin to get rotten ha

Lol at the apple joke!

haha i knew that'd get you

Q. Are there any indie/unsigned artists you would recommend?

A. Yeah her name is Jill shes got a MAD voice

Q. It has be a pleasure interviewing you. Any last words?

A. yeah its been pretty legit...uh last words SHAKE THE SYSTEM UP! and KEEP IT REAL- JB!

Be sure to check out J.B. Music  

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