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Monday, October 19, 2009

Chamillionaire Got Dissed By Michael Jordan

For those of you who don't have 7 minutes of free time to watch the video.

Chamillionaire bids on a Michael Jordan only to get repeatedly out bid by Reggie Bush who is trying to impress his girl friend Kim Kardashian. Cham goes over to Reggie and they agree to stop the bidding at $ 7,000 to split the cost and the jerseys.
Afterwards Cham is at a party with Jordan and asks him for a picture. Jordan replies "Aw hell naw I ain't taking pictures with no ni***s." Cham tells him how he just spent 7,000 on a Jordan jersey. Jordan says buy one from me for $1,500 and I'll take a picture.

My take from this story is Jordan sounds like a real dick. He may be the greatest basketball player of all-time but he sounds like he is incredibly full of himself. No wonder he got divorced, he told his wife "I don't need you I please myself better."

This raises the question who is Michael Jordan off the court?

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